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Admissions Process for Auric Self-Healing I

1. Acceptance to the Program

  • Complete an application.  Please return your completed form by email, fax - 615-383-4473, or mail it to:  The Estuary & School of Healing Arts, 3010 Poston Avenue, Suite 200, Nashville TN 37203.  Applications need to by submitted by June 1st.
  • Complete an admissions interview.  Please call 615-467-6462 or email us to request an appointment.  Appointments need to be scheduled by June 1st.
  • Once you have been accepted to the program, we will place you on the class list and your spot will be held.  If the class is full, we will add your name to our waiting list.

2. Scheduling

  • Class schedules are announced at this phase, usually in the Spring, and will appear on the calendar page
  • Students should review schedules to ensure they will be able to attend all sessions.

3. Enrollment into the program

  • Financial contracts and enrollment paperwork is sent to all accepted students for completion by August 1st.
  • Initial tuition payments are made beginning on September 1st.