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To register for your class at The School of Healing Arts, please complete this form no later than August 1st.


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GENERAL • It is your responsibility to check your email regularly for school-related email. • It is your responsibility to let the administrator know about changes in your contact information (email, address, phone). • Do not provide feedback or advice to other students. • Do not gossip. • Do not “side” with other students. • Teacher trainees, advanced students, and assistants may be present at your classes. ATTENDANCE • It is your responsibility to check the class schedules on a regular basis at and to make sure that you have them on your personal calendar. • It is your responsibility to be on time for classes and not leave early. If this is unavoidable, please make arrangements with the instructor prior to class to ensure that group instruction will not be adversely affected. • It is your responsibility to inform instructors with as much advance notice as possible if you are going to be absent from classes. RESCHEDULING CLASSES Classes needing to be rescheduled due to circumstances beyond the School’s control (illness, personal tragedy, inclement weather, etc.) will be rescheduled at the discretion of the School. This rescheduling will not affect the student’s financial obligation. CONFIDENTIALITY • Confidentiality is vital to the safety of all students. • You are prohibited from revealing the identity of or repeating details about information shared by other participants in the program. • This confidentiality policy applies also to any trainees, advanced students, and/or assistants attending your class. ROMANTIC AND SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS • Each class and group is encouraged to process many feelings and enjoy the safety of expressing vulnerability without the risk of being approached romantically. • For the safety of all students, romantic and sexual involvement is prohibited until both parties have had no involvement with the School for at least 2 years. • Couples committed before enrollment in The School of Healing Arts are exempt from this requirement. ALCOHOL AND DRUG POLICY • All students are encouraged to be drug, alcohol, and cigarette-smoking free since these interfere with ones’ ability to hold and process energy. • Students must be free from illicit drugs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STUDENT AGREEMENT • I understand that the classes offered at The School of Healing Arts are therapeutic in nature and are designed to bring forth physical, emotional and spiritual issues that will need to be processed with a qualified psychotherapist and medical professional. • If I am unable to participate in any part of a class, I will inform the person leading the program at once. • I represent that I am physically and emotionally stable, have not been hospitalized within the past 5 years for a mental disorder, and that I will comply with my own physicians’ and other health care professionals’ recommendations concerning my physical and emotional health. • I understand that The School reserves the right to determine my ability to participate at any stage of the process and that I may be asked to leave the program.
I hereby agree to the policies outlined above and request enrollment into the School of Healing Arts for the upcoming year.