Do you feel a calling to help and inspire others? Would you love to earn a great income doing work you’re passionate about? Do you feel like your life could be richer in terms of your relationships, finances, spirituality, and creative expression? Would you like to learn tools that can help you to become more grounded, feel the clarity around your purpose, and more confident in who you are and where you’re going?

If so, becoming a Certified Life Coach is a great way to do it. 



Life Coaching is a great way to improve both your clients’ lives and your own life! It improves your clients’ lives by helping them understand what it is they truly want, so they don’t spend decades of their lives chasing goals they think are important, only to find themselves successful but unfulfilled.

As a coach, you’ll help them uncover what is holding them back from achieving their heart’s desires. You’ll teach your clients the tools that will help them remove the internal blocks and self limiting beliefs so they can move forward confidently toward what they would love. You’ll guide them through the process of creating a vision of the life they would love and provide a structure of support as they make empowered decisions that are in alignment with their vision.

Through your coaching practice, you’ll have an opportunity to watch people break free of old patterns as they discover who they really are and what they’re capable of. You’ll witness their joy as they move toward an experience of life that they never imagined possible.

This path improves your life because by getting trained as a coach, you’ll gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and you’ll begin to see a personal transformation as you apply these tools and principles to your own life. Many of our coaches have said that perhaps the greatest gift in becoming a life coach is who they became along the journey! On top of this, you’ll have the opportunity to build a successful coaching practice, where you have the freedom to be your own boss and create your own hours, all while doing work you love.

Imagine having more time to spend with your family and yourself, more time to focus on your health and well-being. Imaging having the freedom to create the lifestyle you desire. Imagine waking up each morning feeling on-purpose and like you’re doing work that makes a positive difference and impact in the world.

Overall, by becoming a coach, you empower yourself and others to fulfill your purposes, reach your full potential and live lives that feel richer in relationships, health, finances, spirituality, and creative expression. And when people are in harmony with their soul’s purpose, there is a ripple effect that translates into more people experiencing more joy, fun, and spiritual aliveness!

How Do You Know If You Should Come to The Estuary Life Coaching Certification Program?

 If you’re wondering if this is the right path for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Would I like to experience personal growth as I learn about energy work, self-healing principles and coaching tools that I can use to improve my life and the lives of others?

  • Would I like to learn coaching techniques and tools to help me become a better leader, intentional listener and more effective communicator in my life and work?

  • Do I want to share my wisdom and experiences in a way that can help others transform and heal?

  • Do I want to create a safe space for others to experience change, growth, and new way of thinking in service of creating new positive life results?

  • Do I want to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others?

  • Am I ready to make an empowered decision to say YES to myself to create a life I love, and to help others to do the same?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” – then The Estuary Life Coaching Certification may be the path for you


This 4-month program is "one of a kind" because it is the only in-person life coaching school out there that combines energy healing with the life coaching training.

We will train you in the latest life coaching tools and techniques, teach you energy healing methods and guide you through your own chakra clearing.

Why is this so important? It will allow you to have a deeper & more meaningful impact on the lives of your clients.

This means more transformation, more clients, and more income for you!

We here at the School of Healing Arts Life Coaching Program know you want to have a very successful life coaching practice! That's why we've created this unique program for you.

Why you should apply -
• Unique program that combines coaching with energetic healing in a kabbalistic model
• Co-created by the respected therapist and entrepreneur, Susan Austin Crumpton
• Classes are held in person at The Estuary for greater personal instruction
• Includes a business component to help you get started on you coaching career right away
• Affordable cost compared to other coaching programs that will allow you to easily recoup the cost of the program during your first year of business.

Classes are Now forming for next Semester! if this program is resonating with your soul, enroll now or contact us for additional information.

Questions? Call 615-467-6462 or email