Life Coach Training and Certification Program (4 months)


Combining the principals of coaching, Kabbalistic healing and Chakra harmony


This 4-month program is "one of a kind" because it is the only in-person life coaching school out there that combines energy healing with the life coaching training.

We will train you in the latest life coaching tools and techniques, teach you ancient Kabbalistic healing methods and guide you through your own chakra clearing.

Why is this so important? It will allow you to have a deeper & more meaningful impact on the lives of your clients.

This means More Transformation, More Clients, and More Income for you!

We here at the School of Healing Arts Life Coaching Program know you want to have a very successful Life Coaching Practice! That's why we've created this unique program for You.

Why you should apply -
• Unique program that combines coaching with energetic healing
• Co-created by the respected therapist and entrepreneur, Susan Austin Crumpton
• Classes are held in person at The Estuary for greater personal instruction
• Includes a business component to help you get started on you coaching career right away
• Affordable cost compared to other coaching programs that will allow you to easily recoup the cost of the program during your first year of business.

Classes will be taught by Susan Austin Crumpton, Maureen Doyle, Lynn Bartrum, and Jessica Kerske. These instructors’ experience includes 43 years of combined experience in Life Coaching and 54 years of combined corporate work experience.

Susan Austin-Crumpton – Founder and Executive Director of The Estuary and The School of Healing Arts, established integrative teacher/healer, and a business leader for almost 30 years.

Maureen Doyle, MAT, - Combines 20 years teaching in the classroom with her Martha Beck trained coaching skills and her knowledge of energy healing as an ongoing student at The School of Healing Arts.

Lynn Bartrum – Former CPA with 20 years of experience in the financial industry, certified Life Coach, and graduate of our 6-year program at our School of Healing Arts.

Jessica Kerske – 8 years of corporate financial experience, marketing professional, ongoing student at The School of Healing Arts, and established life coach with proven expertise in coaching programs and its application in business.

4-month program: $7,500. Monthly payments are available.

Classes meet weekly for two hours.

Classes are Now forming for next Semester! if this program is resonating with your soul, please contact us today to learn more. Call 615-467-6462 or email