David Saffold Testimonial 2

I took a coach certification program several years ago with Coach Training Alliance. This program included weekly conference calls with an instructor. Thus, I have something to compare my experience with The School of Healing Arts Life Coach Training and Certification Program. I just want to say that the in-person classroom experience is a huge plus because it provides the student with real face-to-face training using actual coaching techniques. It was very exciting and enlightening watching people hit 'aha' moments during the training sessions. Furthermore, this great program included cameo appearances from various experts in important fields pertinent to life coaching success. I highly recommend this program for people who truly want to learn the art of life coaching as well as how to build a successful coaching business.

- David Saffold, Life Coach/Author

Gwen G Testimonial

I feel tremendously lucky and honored to be a part of The Estuary Life Coaching School. The School met and exceeded my expectations. Having multiple instructors teaching the program and the in-person format are invaluable to learning necessary tools and creating multiple layers of understanding how I can help my future clients.

- Gwen G, Life Coach