Tuition & Attendance


Required Fees for the Life Coaching Training and Certification Program:

Full Program (4 months):   $7,500


Required Fees for Auric Self-Healing & Kabbalistic Self-Healing Programs, all years:

Class Instruction & Materials:   Approximately $2000 per year.

Individual therapy sessions by an approved therapist at The Estuary:   Required monthly.  Cost ranges from $130 - $175 per session depending on therapist.  Group therapy may be available to classes at a lower cost, dependent on therapist availability and student participation.

A word about attendance


Your decision to attend The School of Healing Arts is a big one.  We have offered classes for several years and have learned how it best works for students.  Based on our experience, we have deliberately designed the program schedule to include the amount of teaching time and individual therapy sessions we require so that you will gain the most from your experience with us.  Please check the schedules (available by going to the Class Schedules page), make sure you have the dates on your personal calendars and make every effort to attend all of the dates as they are scheduled.  

Your are enrolling for a course of study, not individual classes.  Therefore, charges are on an automatic billing cycle so please understand that charges will occur if you are enrolled for a class regardless of your attendance.